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Private Lessons & Online Learning

Private Lessons & Online Learning

Whether you are interested in our immersive board and train program, online education, or private lessons we are here for you.

Teaching the owner and their pup to communicate affectively Let us help your dog feel more safe and secure in any environment Helping your reactive and your unsocialized dog.

  • I believe your dog is a loving and happy family member.
  • We believe you can have the best dog ever.
  • At Wyoming K-9 we believe that you want that warm and snuggly companion to either snuggle on the couch with or to go with yon thous hiking and camping trips you love. What ever your passion is we want to help you and your dog enjoy life together. We have been creating perfect partnerships with dog owners and their pooch for 18 years. We want you to get out live your best life what ever it may be with you furry companion next to you.
Now your question is how do I start!

It is easy just hit the button below and you can call or email us. A call is preferred but we can start with an email as well.

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All prices listed are beginning prices. Total charge is determined by size, condition of coat, and temperament. Additional charges may apply for excessively matted coats, or difficult pets.

Grooming Prices

Then what happens?

Don’t go another day wishing you had well trained dog, do it now!

Private lessons

If a board and train is not for you we also offer private one on one lessons in which we will teach you how to train your dog at home. We will teach you in a one hour session each obedience skill and how to train them. Awe will spend time discussing any behavior issues and how to help your dog over come any issues. Keep in mind you will need to work with your dog daily in order to get the best results.

Online learning

With this new and modern world we slap offer online training where we give you access to our online program and online guidance.