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Whether your dog is reactive or you want to teach them to sit, we can help. Our Professional Dog Training Classes in Cheyenne WY can make all the difference from obedience & mannerism to socializing with other dogs and humans.

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Training your dog takes time.

It’s demanding. It’s Frustrating. But it is important 

You know your dog needs training. But, with all the resources, you don’t know where to start. The last thing you need is another dog trainer telling you what you need to do with your dog when it has nothing to do with your life style and needs in mind.

Lets get started!

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Now your question is how do I start!

We offer an immersive 4-week board and train program in which we will teach your dog how to communicate in the English or even German language and the non-verbal hand signals for effective communication.

Your dog will learn all the obedience commands they need in daily life, they will be thought manners such as not jumping, and they will learn how to play with other dogs, and other people outside the family unit so feel more comfortable in new environments.

We will address any behaviour issues such as reactivity to other dogs, and people, and help them to be comfortable outside their home environment. We will even take your dog out local businesses and public places to teach them not only that they are safe but how to behave in social settings.

The board and train program allow us to spend time with your dog, and learn what makes them tick and why they may have the bad behaviours. We create a program that will help your dog effectively learn, one that gives us the ability to teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog. We are working with living breathing animals that learn their own ways and have emotions. Just like humans they are all different.

In this program we can help your reactive dog as well. Teaching them how to be social, comfortable, and safe outside the home. And we will give you tools to continue to mould them into the amazing companions you want.

The board and train include online learning for the owners so they will see what their dog is learning and learn to continue with the same training and the communication as we do. The online learning includes a lot information about how dog think, what our recommendations are using training tools available out there and why. Videos with real training which will show you how to trouble shoot issues you be having with the training and not videos of dogs that have already been taught the skills. This program will give three free one fallow up lessons if you feel necessary. 

Private lessons

If a board and train is not for you we also offer private one on one lessons in which we will teach you how to train your dog at home. We will teach you in a one-hour session each obedience skill and how to train them. Awe will spend time discussing any behaviour issues and how to help your dog over come any issues. Keep in mind you will need to work with your dog daily in order to get the best results.


Online learning

With this new and modern world, we slap offer online training where we give you access to our online program and online guidance.

Service Dog Trainer

Areas of Expertise

We are proud trainers at Wyoming K9 kennels Cheyenne WY Training Academy with years of experience teaching owners and their fluffy friends through versatile and proven methods.

About Us

Professional Dog Training Classes in Cheyenne WY

Wyoming k9 training academy WY came into existence over 15 years ago. It started small with Paula Cooke, the owner and master trainer with kennels, and the desire to keep dogs out of shelters. She has spent years training with trainers and attending conferences and training seminars all over the U.S. our philosophy is that “you can never have enough education and guidance in this profession and no one knows everything.”

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For Effective Dog Training, Our Behavior Solutions

At Wyoming K9 Training Academy WY, we bring dogs closer to their owners. We understand how to work with reactive dogs by using our proven behavior.

Teaching the owner and their pup to communicate affectively

Let us help your dog feel more safe and secure in any environment

Helping your reactive and your unsocialized dog

Our Results

Positive Reinforcements That Brought Exceptional Results

We are top dog k9 training academy in Cheyenne WY. We dive deep and understand the root cause of good and bad behaviors. Our results are proven, with thousands of our fluffy friends trained yearly! We believe every negative behavior can turn into a learning moment for your dog, and any good behavior should be followed up with positive reinforcement. Every dog is different, which means that the reinforcements and corrections can be different for each. At Wyoming k9 dogs for training, we spend time with your dog and learn what methods best suit them.

Service Dog Trainer

Areas of Expertise

We are proud trainers at Wyoming K9 Dog Training Academy with years of experience teaching owners and their fluffy friends through versatile and proven methods.


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All prices listed are beginning prices. Total charge is determined by size, condition of coat, and temperament. Additional charges may apply for excessively matted coats, or difficult pets.

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Here's what clients are saying

Our 15 years in Wyoming K9 dog training have seen a positive response from the customers, our community, and institutions. Here’s what they have to say.

Dogs are man's best friend. They can understand us better than we think, but I lacked communication with my Dog. Skipper does everything as well as he was taught at Wyoming K9 Academy. .
Daniel L.
My Dog was always anxious when we contacted others. Especially, we were moving to a newer neighborhood. We wanted something to help her be comfortable with it. Thank you, Paula and k9 training academy, for helping us out
Gary M.
My pitbull was very aggressive and was out of control most of the time. He's a guard dog but highly reactive. K9 Academy was professional and experts in dealing with these situations. I am happy that my friend is calmer and in control for now.
Gordon F.
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